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Posted by Benelie On September 18, 2010 5 COMMENTS

I said on twitter we had a surprise for you… And it’s time to reveal it!

We managed to have interviews with Merlin’s cast.

So far, we don’t know yet who’s gonna be there but we know there will be some actors from the main cast.

If you have a question for any of the actors, just ask it here (be sure add the name of the actor ^^), we’ll do our best to ask them!

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5 Responses so far.

  1. Natalie says:

    Katie – With Morgana hell bent on destroying Uther and Camelot this season, how does she think Morgana feels about Arthur? Does she group him in with Uther?

    Bradley – What do you think Arthur would find it harder to forgive Merlin for when the secret is FINALLY revealed; Merlin being a sorcerer or Merlin lying about the circumstances of Arthur’s birth and Uther’s involvement in his mothers death?

  2. Ana says:

    All of them to Katie:
    So far, we know very well that Morgana wants to bring Uther down and is pretty much faking every kind act around him. But we don’t know how is her real relationship with Arthur. On the scenes they had together on episode one, it felt like she was really genuine and cared about him. So, will we be seeing more of them and how does their relationship could develop?

    AND – During the second episode, we see Morgana telling Merlin how she feels and what motivates her to do what she’s doing. But on that moment and on a previous scene with Morgause, Morgana seems to hesitate and maybe rethink her actions. Do you think she’s 100% committed to bring Uther down or she’s not sure of that yet?

    AND – Will we be seeing Morgana’s magic evolve and grow as the series go on?

  3. Danko says:

    Bradley: Do you think that insisting on keeping the magic secret is the best thing to do right now? Or this insisting on core-dynamics as the producers call could actually hurt the show, but most importantly Arthur’s character, who is persistently blind, deaf and generally unattentive?

  4. Maria says:

    Katie – I always loved the Gwen & Morgana friendship and was sad to see all the tension spring up suddenly at the end of last series and again in the first episode. Likewise, Morgana’s false comfort to Arthur both times in the first episode was very cold. Why does Morgana treat them in such a way when they never did her any wrong? And even with the friction, can we still expect the girls to have some warmer scenes this series?

    Richard – Do you ever feel that Gaius is too loyal to Uther, considering the king’s hate of magic and what it could do to Merlin if he were discovered?

    Angel – I hope this isn’t too much of a spoiler, but if Gwen knew the isolation and lonliness Morgana has endured from having magic, do you think she would reach out to her and try to pull her out of the dark place she’s gone?

    Anthony – If you could have a couple of your BTVS cast mates guest star on Merlin, who would you pick?

  5. Marianne says:

    Katie – What are the best memories that you have with your fans ?

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