[Set] Merlin’s set from Pierrefonds

Posted by Benelie On November 22, 2011 1 COMMENT

If you are eager to see this week episode of Merlin, just read this post!

Emeline and I were at Pierrefonds last june. Pierrefonds is the place where Camelot’s castle is filmed. And we have a lot of picture to show you from that day!

But, I’m warning you, there are some spoilers!

First, a pricture from the throne room. You can see there’s not one but 2 seats… I wonder who is using the second one!

But now, I have really stuff to show you, Gwen and Arthur walking together…

And now, some pictures from the tournament:

More pictures here

And now, some bonus pictures from a scene shooting in last april but not aired (yet?). It has a lot of knights and some with Gwaine half naked…

More pictures here

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  1. Tama-abi says:

    The scene is a deleted scene from 4×06 ^^” http://tama-abi.livejournal.com/78807.html

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