It’s a very busy week for the Doctor Who fandom. We’re a little more than one week before the traditional Christmas special episode, “The Doctor, The Widow And The Wardrobe”, and 3 new clips have been unveiled by the BBC!

First we have a scene that shows the Doctor welcoming the family in the house, pretending to be the new caretaker.

The 2nd scene sees the Doctor and Lily looking at strange footprints in the snow…

and finally, the 3rd scene sees strange visitors arrive in the snow-covered woods!

This episode definitely looks like fun!

Yesterday afternoon, Steven Moffat and Matt Smith were guests of the BBC Radio 5 Live’s Richard Bacon Show (you can listen to the show here) and the showrunner had something to say about the movie rumors… He stated that what David Yates said was not the plan and that if they were to make a Doctor Who movie, it would be in sync with the TV series and would start the TV Doctor, and that everything else would be “heresy”. Well that’s a relief, don’t you think?

But the big news item that got all the fans’ attention last night was an announcement made by Steven Moffat at the press screening of this episode… The next series of the show (that’s season 7 of New Who) will see the departure of Karen Gillan and Arthur Darvill! Amy and Rory will appear but their story will also come to an end at some point during the season.

The Doctor will then have a new companion! What do you think of this? Are you surprised? Will you miss Amy and Rory? Who do you think could make a great new companion?

Voted most likely to dance with dragons, start a Joss Whedon cult, and hold an entire conversation with only quotes from Friends.

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