[News] Is Pan Am singing its swan song tonight?

Posted by Charlie On February 19, 2012 1 COMMENT
Tonight, ABC will broadcast the 14th and last episode of Pan Am’s first season. Then you’ll have to be strong: the show is still waiting for an approval for its renewal or its death sentence, and the adventures of Maggie, Colette, Kate and their coworkers may be compromised. We’ll find out in May, but before that, let’s have a look at the last episode and evaluate the chances of Pan Am to fly back to us next year!

In “1964”, be prepared for changes and questions that, according to Christina Ricci, will be left unanswered if the show doesn’t get a second season. Will Pan Am’s crew members’ lives have a new start? Colette is caught up in a whirlwind courtship with a foreign prince, while Dean is still still kicking himself over losing her. Ted is still planning to marry Amanda, though he’s more and more nervous as the days come by, while his wife-to-be makes Laura a startling offer. Kate’s spy life is called into question when her supervisor, Richard, is shot, and she may discover the identity of a double agent, who is someone she would never have thought of…  We will also witness Dean’s trial for the decisions he made during his risked landing in Haiti, and Maggie put in a life-threatening position.

Then… It’s still difficult today to assess the chances of the show getting a second season. While most people predict its doom, some are still hopeful for Pan Am to fly again. But the future of the show may already be compromised, judging by a few hints that do not bid well for the crew:
- A few days ago, in the middle of pilot-picking season, we learned that Mike Vogel, playing Pilot Dean, had been cast in Living Loaded, a new comedy by the creator of It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia about a “hard-partying blogger who has to clean up his act when he gets a new job”.
- Last week’s episode, Romance Languages, was originally scheduled to air between episodes 6 and 7, finishing storylines long over like Dean’s romance with Ginny, Maggie doing literally everything to keep her job, or Laura entering adulthood. This odd choice has not been explained by the network yet, but history tells us episodes airing out of order is never a good sign (just ask Firefly).
- Finally, the ratings are the main ennemies of an eventual renewal. The season premiere gathered 11.06 million viewers, but episode by episode, the ratings drastically collapsed, to reach a new low last week with only 2.57 million viewers, making the show third in its timeslot.

Will Pan Am sing its swan song tonight? We’ll not find out until May, so be sure to enjoy “1964”, the season (and hopefully not series) finale, tonight at 10 on ABC!


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  1. R Troy says:

    It would be a shame for this show to go away. It is very well made and a pleasure to watch. I guess it is too good for ABC.

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