It was officially confirmed back in the summer of 2011 that there would be a series 5 of Merlin, beginning production in 2012. Well, now 2012 has arrived and it’s time for production to begin! Speaking in an interview with, the writers of Merlin, Johnny Capps and Julian Murphy have teased that the series will be opening with another two parter, and that some of the most evil characters from the previous series’ will be returning!

Sara Hamill, the producer of series 4 and of series 5 said in a tweet on the 27th of January,
“Last day off before full time preproduction on #merlin series 5 on Monday [the 30th]”

So now the preparations should be in full swing!

With a lot of cliffhangers at the end of series 4, there are a lot of theories about what will happen in the next series, especially since the writers have always said that they have a five-series plan! Will Merlin finally reveal his magic to Arthur? Will Arthur have to confront Mordred in an ultimate battle? We’ll soon find out!

You can follow the preproduction and Sara Hamill on Twitter here.

Eli Lower

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