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The 3xcusemyfrench TV Awards 2012 are now over.

We want to thank you all for your votes, RT, Facebook sharing, … I hope you enjoyed those awards as much as we did!

Anyway, are you ready for the results?

Some categories were very tied and we saw a huge battle for best kiss: Gwen/Arthur vs Mary/Matthew? Want to see which one won?

Best Comedy:

Best actor in a Comedy:
Donald Glover – Community

Best actress in a Comedy:
Amy  Poelher – Parks & Recreation
Allison Brie – Community

Best Drama:

Best actor in a Drama:
Nathan Fillion – Castle

Best actress in a Drama:
Maggie Smith – Downton Abbey

Best Sci-Fi/Fantasy Show:

Best Teen:
The Vampire Diaries

Best New Show:
Game of Thrones

Best Musical Performance:
Troy and Abed trying to talk Pierce into the Glee Club – Community

Best Character:
Tyrion Lannister – Game of Thrones

Best Villain in a Drama serie:
Regina/The Queen – Once upon a Time

Best Fight:
Morgana vs Gwen – Merlin

Best Jaw Dropping Moment:
Beckett gets shot – Castle

Funniest Moment:
Arthur loses his memory – Merlin

Best Catchphrase:
Winter is coming – Game of Thrones

Best Kiss:
Gwen and Arthur – Mariage Kiss – Merlin

Best Couple:
Mary and Matthew – Downton Abbey

Best FX/Animation:

Best Opening:

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