[News] Game of Thrones Smashes back!

Posted by Chris On April 5, 2012 ADD COMMENTS

HBO’s biggest breakout smash of recent years, Game of Thrones made one of the most highly returns on Sunday night, and brought with it acclaim and ratings to match one of the most anticipated tv events of the year. 3xcusemyfrench has all the details!

Game of Thrones return achieved a 53% increase over the average audience it managed to grab in it its first season, ratings reaching 3.9 million. The show has been able to build up a devoted fanbase, since the ending of the first outing, with the release of the DVDs and a new novel in the series from George R.R. Martin also drumming up more hype. With the show’s current status, placing it as the second most popular show in the history of HBO, behind True Blood, the large increase on last season, points to an effort to push ahead to take the top slot on the network. This year signals a three way effort between AMC with the ratings of their flagship show Mad Men taking a hit on Sunday night, and the Showtime hit, The Borgias set to return this sunday, April 8th.

What about the show itself? Well with a raft of new characters, the narrative has taken on a much grander scope, with locations in Croatia and Iceland added to the Northern Irish and Maltese ones from the first season. As a result of these new locations both in terms of shooting, and Westeros, the award winning title sequence has been extended by some as a consequence. This season also marks an even larger divergence from the source material with several characters joining the show in a different form than the books, in the spirit of Ros, with Asha Greyjoy already reincarnated in the show as Yara Greyjoy and Jeyne (as played by Oona Chaplin) soon to make her debut in episode four. 3xcusemyfrench cannot wait for these moments!

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