[News] New Girl Renewed for Season Two!

Posted by Chris On April 10, 2012 ADD COMMENTS

FOX’s highly successful character vehicle for the talents of Zooey Deschanel, New Girl has at last been renwed for another season! After months of back and forth, the network has finally decided to extend one of its breakout hits, and 3xcusemyfrench has all the news!

The show has steadily increased in terms of its fanbase, with a series high of over 10 million viewers, becoming one of the network’s most successful shows. With this renewal it could be seen that these ratings could fill some of the gap to be left by the end of FOX’s titan House at the end of the current season. The show has been arguably the most successful comedy of the raft of new shows, with NBC’s Up All Night, and marks the continued presence of the Deschanel sisters on FOX after Emily Deschanel’s Bones was also renewed for an extra season. Furthermore, the show which was the subject of extensive viral marketing, around the rising star of Zooey has effectively lived up to the hype achieving the secure status of its future before other new FOX shows Touch & Alcatraz, and the long running Fringe.

The show will next year in a line up which will include season three of Raising Hope and Season Four of Glee, which marks an attempt to keep together a highly successful comedy line-up on tuesdays which can be seen as a rival to the Thursday night trio on NBC of Parks & Recreations, The Office, Up All Night & 30 Rock. So far, this marks the fact that FOX will cancel few if any of its current comedy shows as it attempts to keep most of its schedule intact before it turns its attention to its dramatic productions where there has been a much greater sense of doubt. It is most impressive to see a network who has gained such success with dramas such as House and Bones over the last few years, put such a fine attention on the comedies it produces and especially such a strong effort to keep them in the same grouping.

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