Fringe Olivia Dunham Peter Walter BishopAfter the news of the show’s renewal and season four coming to an end on May 11th, Fringe’s fifth and final season has certainly sparked a lot of discussion within TV fans. We have a quick recap on what to expect this fall!

First things first, Fringe is meant to come back sometime this fall for a 13-episode final season.

After struggles with ratings and plenty of debate between the fans regarding the storylines of the show, executive producer Joel Wyman, in an interview with TV Line, promised the fans a huge payoff.  “Season 5 is designed to be very important, a huge payoff for loyal fans. They will feel like, ‘Because I invested in every single episode, and I have so many questions, I want these questions answered. And I want everything to be made sense of, but taken on a journey that just can’t be stopped. I want it to end in a place where I feel like everybody kind of belongs where they are and got what they’ve earned’” he said.

On a similar note, in an interview with TV Guide Joel Wyman gives us an idea about what the fifth season will be like. “It’s a 13-episode sprint; there’s no filler episodes. It answers some very bold questions” he said. “It culminates with a very satisfying type of crescendo that really is so important for the fans, that’s the biggest thing. That’s the only thing that’s really important is to make sure that they feel absolutely satiated.”

What about the cast? Seth Gabel, who plays the fan-favorite Lincoln Lee, unfortunately won’t be back as a regular cast member. Fortunately this still leaves us room for a possible guest appearance.

Leonard Nimoy, playing the intriguing character William Bell, has stated for SciFiNow that he might be back, depending on what the writers have in mind for the character. “There are a lot of issues that have to be dealt with, but we’ll be talking.”


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