Visitors and fans present at the San Diego Comic-Con were in for a treat this Thursday at the Dexter panel! Showtime patched together the first two minutes of the Season 7 premiere and presented the footage in front of the audience. Want to see it?

As seen on TV Guide, discover the first minutes of the first episode of season 7, premiering September 30th. Beware, spoilers ahead – obviously, don’t watch the video if you haven’t seen season 6 and don’t want to be spoiled.

So, want to see Debra’s reaction to the scene she just witnessed in the season 6 finale? Brace yourselves, and be prepared for lots of *beeeeps* :)

TVLine also interviewed the lovely Yvonne Strahovski about her character, Hannah. The actress talks about the differences between her previous parts and this one, and of course mentions Chuck:

Is it September 30th yet?


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