After one week of resuming filming on its third season, Game of Thrones travelled to Comic Con in San Diego this weekend. While there 13 new cast members were unveiled via video, as well as the return date for the third season of the show in Spring 2013. 3xcusemyfrench has all the news on this and the new additions!

The most eagerly anticipated of the announcements include the casting of the Reeds with Ellie Kendrick to play Meera and Thomas Brodie-Sangster to play her brother Jojen. Furthermore, noted actor of British comedy, Paul Kaye will play Thoros of Myr, and Beric Dondarrion has been re-cast for the upcoming season with Irish actor Richard Dormer to play the character, who assumes a much greater share of the next seasons, as opposed to his previous appearance in the first season. Orell, one of the major wildling characters in the later books has also been cast for the show with one of the stars of the UK version of the office, Mackenzie Crook pencilled in this role. Furthermore, the remainder of the Tully siblings have been given their form in the show with Clive Russell to assume the role of The Blackfish and Tobias Menzies to assume Edmure Tully, a major character in the upcoming season. You can catch up on all of the casting, from the below released video from HBO.

The show will return on the 31st March 2013, which marks a return one day earlier than the second season, which returned on the first day of April. The show has been filming for almost a week now in a variety of locations including its studio base in Northern Ireland and the addition of the new cast members, gives a much clearer and more complete picture of what the upcoming season will contain. 3xcusemyfrench hopes that the future of the show holds as much excitement as these early announcements promise!

Chris. 22 years of age from Ireland, a graduate from the university of Dundee in English & Film, now professional Script Editor. TV fanatic, browncoat, wannabe-Bluth living in the north of Ireland currently.


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