Excited about the Teen Wolf season 2 finale airing tonight on MTV? You can kill time by reading all about Tyler Hoechlin‘s appearance at Comic Con France last month.

In this article you will find video from the conference, a link to our photo gallery with 50+ pictures, and a full report about everything that was said during that Q&A.

Note that this Q&A took place on July 7, about halfway through the season 2 broadcast.


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As per Comic Con France rules we can only share 5 minutes of each conference on video but no worries, everything Tyler said can be found in our full report below.

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Full Report and Pictures

All our pictures from the conference can be found at our gallery here.

A last-minute replacement for Tyler Posey who couldn’t make it due to a bad case of flu, Tyler Hoechlin was very happy to meet all the French fans in Paris.

Tyler Hoechlin at Comic Con France 2012

The conference started with questions about Tyler’s character, the mysterious Derek Hale. For Tyler, Derek is the mystery of the show in its first season, you don’t know much about him and learn more as the season progresses.  He’s also a bit of a mentor for Scott, “kind of the Obi-Wan to Tyler Posey’s Luke Skywalker”. In season 2, he said we get to see a different side of Derek, letting the audience into his world and learn more about who he is. There’s notably a little more humor and more confidence in his behavior. He may be even “a little too overly confident, which might get him in trouble”.

The conversation then turned to the numerous action scenes on the show. Tyler described their training regimen, from the 3 months spent in L.A. before shooting a season to his very good trainer in Atlanta. The training is a very important part of the job, as is eating healthy all year long (“It’s hard to be in France and do that by the way.”) because “we have to take our shirts off sometimes so we kind of have to be ready for that.” The audience cheered at this last remark and Tyler laughed and thanked them.

As for the actual stunts, the crew was hesitant to let him do them in season 1 but his athletic abilities (he grew up playing baseball and doing gymnastics) convinced them and by the end of season 2 he was doing about 95% to 100% of the stunts. He even did all the stunts of the season 2 finale himself. Of course if a stunt is “a little too crazy”, the team forbids him to do it. Tyler praised the stunt team, saying how fortunate they are to have them and how they keep them safe. But he’s also a good judge of what he’s capable (or not) of doing.

Tyler was then asked about the original Teen Wolf movie and mentioned that it’s a cult classic and that he has seen it. The show has a few references to it like the main character’s name, or Stiles (“we all love Stiles” – the audience agreed). However, there’s not much in common beyond that, they really tried to do “their own thing”.

Supernatural or fantasy dramas are very popular at the moment, but Tyler thinks that Teen Wolf manages to set itself apart with its humor and the big scale of its action scenes. He also explained that the show plays a lot with werewolf lore. For instance there’s the fact that traditionally werewolves turn during the full moon but here it’s something you can control if you’re strong or experienced enough, or trained. There’s also the idea that it’s not a silver bullet that kills you but the Silver family, Argent meaning Silver in French (“obviously you guys know that”).

He’s very happy with the very wide range of fans who enjoy the show. As it’s not a typical teen drama, the problems transcend the high school setting. He’s also pleasantly surprised by the success of the show worldwide.

“I got off the plane and the gentleman at customs actually greeted me with ‘hello, Tyler’ before I gave him my passport. So it was a shock to me that the first person I meet in France was already a fan of Teen Wolf.”

Tyler Hoechlin at Comic Con France 2012

Tyler reflected back on the casting process of the show. He came to read twice for the role and then took part in a chemistry reading with various actors. That experience was the most stressful of his life and he’d be happy to never have to go through it again.

After the casting comes the filming and Tyler is glad to report that everyone on set gets along well and stay in touch between seasons, gathering to watch the show for instance.

They shoot 3 episodes at a time, over 4 weeks. A complete season takes 5 to 6 months to shoot, with work days as long as 16 hours for the crew. He can’t praise the crew enough for this intense schedule and thinks they deserve medals, he doesn’t know how they do it. Tyler Posey and Dylan O’Brien work very long hours, too. His own workload varies from one to 16 hours a day depending on the shooting schedule.

Director Russell Mulcahy was the subject of the next line of conversation. For Tyler, “you can’t not love him”. He makes every day on set entertaining and does a fabulous job giving the show its looks. With other directors, you look at the script and as an actor you can see the way it’s gonna be shot, where they’re gonna put you, where the cameras are gonna be, always in the exact same spots. For Teen Wolf, it’s always different, not repetitive.

As for the scripts, the actors get them in advance at the beginning of the season but as it goes on they get them closer and closer to shooting time, sometimes just before filming a scene. Tyler likes to be able to read the script a few times before going in, and explore the character more, but at the same time it makes things more spontaneous, less boring.

Speaking of boring things, the werewolf make-up process could be quite tedious as it consists in sitting still for two hours in a half while things get glued to your face. You can’t really do anything as you need to keep your eyes closed. Fortunately, if Tyler Posey’s in the make-up trailer too, time passes faster as he’s very entertaining. Listening to music, enjoying the company of people, or sometimes falling asleep are what Tyler Hoechlin usually does in the make-up chair.

His make-up has changed a bit in season 2 in order to make Derek look “more intimidating, more demonic”. “Not that he looked friendly in season 1.”

Seeing himself in full make-up for the first time was a surreal experience as you look in the mirror but you don’t recognise yourself. You can’t tell it’s make-up. They keep things pretty secret so not many people have seen him in werewolf make-up. But once he tried to hitchhike a ride at lunch time and people in cars did double takes when they saw him.

Tyler describes the scenes where he shifts into a werewolf as a freeing experience. When you don’t see your face, you lose that sense of judgement you have towards yourself. When asked about the location of the bite marks, he jokingly answers “I don’t actually bite anybody, that’s where they put the make-up on”. The bite is located there because they needed it to be consistent within the show but also different from the areas associated with vampires bites (shoulder, neck).

Tyler Hoechlin at Comic Con France 2012

The shirtless scenes are “part of the job now”. It doesn’t bother him it’s justified or makes sense in the scene. Everytime they get a script they check who’s gonna take their shirt off in the episode. Then they tease the guy who does because they can’t eat anything for the next few days.

For Tyler, season 2 worked in perfect continuity with season 1 with stronger episodes, deeper, more complicated, more intricated relationships, stronger characters, and a plot always thickening. He’s just as surprised by the twists and turns as the audience. As for Derek, he’s an Alpha now so it’s shifted his personality and how he deals with Scott. Season 2 features a lot of teaming up and strategies. Things are not painted in black and white but rather in grey. Between the Argents, Derek’s pack, and the Kanima, it’s like a “death triangle”.

In season 1, Derek’s motivations were simple: he was on his own, hunted, he just wanted to survive. It was obvious in his appearance: always the same looks, the same jacket, the same two shirts. In season 2 he’s more about power and control.

Derek’s love life (or lack thereof) was also discussed. “Derek is very lonely.” (cue “aww” from the audience). According to Tyler, season 2 teased to something but he doesn’t know if it could turn into anything.

He thinks that Derek’s relationship with Scott is similar to the one between Tyler and him in real life for the big brother/little brother dynamic. But of course Derek is harsher with Scott and is mean with him to get what he wants.

And how would he describe his character’s relationship with Stiles? “Pure hatred. Noooo. Me and Stiles? Oh God.” From their very first scene together it was clear that seeing these polar personalities interact was fun and they had more scenes in season 2.

Tyler Hoechlin at Comic Con France 2012

The audience Q&A was full of specific questions about season 2:
- the big fight with the Kanima in episode 2×05 was an all-night shoot, like many action scenes are. The fight scenes are not choreographed beforehand because they don’t have time to so they’re made up as they go.

- The pool scene from episode 2×04 was a complicated one to shoot. They spent 16 hours in the water and he was supposed to be unable to move so Dylan had to pull him up a lot. He apologised many times to him.

- The cast had no idea who the Kanima was. They usually have bets on reveals like that and are as surprised as the audience.

Finally, Tyler was asked which other TV series he’s like to be on and answered that he’s totally obsessed with Game of Thrones right now. He likes how it’s all about strategy and people trying to outsmart each other. And at the end of season 1 it was clear that no one is safe and that the show’s unpredictable.

Voted most likely to dance with dragons, start a Joss Whedon cult, and hold an entire conversation with only quotes from Friends.

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