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Like every year, in July takes place the french Comic Con.   This year, a special event is organized during the Comic Con: Buffy Reunion. Ten years after the last episode of Buffy the Vampire Slayer was on TV, the event Buffy Reunion by Comic Con’ Paris brings together its fans around three actors from  [ Read More ]

[Article] Doctor Who updated content!

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Doctor Who Logo

To celebrate the season 7 premiere of Doctor Who on BBC and BBC America yesterday, we have a surprise for you! How would you like to own a picture signed by the 11th Doctor himself, Matt Smith?


Excited about the Teen Wolf season 2 finale airing tonight on MTV? You can kill time by reading all about Tyler Hoechlin‘s appearance at Comic Con France last month. In this article you will find video from the conference, a link to our photo gallery with 50+ pictures, and a full report about everything that  [ Read More ]


As you now know, Paris will welcome its new edition of the Comic Con. We are glad to announce you that we’ll interview the cast of One Tree Hill present this week-end at the event. Mark Schwahn, Austin Nichols Robert Buckley and Stephen Colletti will be presents! Several conferences and autographs sessions are planned: – Thursday:  [ Read More ]


The press conference is now over, we can reveal to you the guests who will honor Comic Con Paris with their presence this year! Comic Con Paris is the French event you don’t want to miss if you’e a fan of TV shows, sci-fi, or comics. It’ll take place near Paris in Villepinte from July  [ Read More ]


After the masterclass last week, it’s time to post about the second conference given by Steven Moffat at Comic Con’ France last July. This time it was all about Doctor Who! As per Comic Con’ rules we can only share 10 minutes of each conference on video but again, we also have a full transcript  [ Read More ]


Last July, Steven Moffat was a guest of honor at Comic Con’ France, giving two conferences. Today we’re sharing with you footage from the first conference, a “masterclass” dedicated to his whole career, from Press Gang to The Adventures of Tintin and of course Sherlock and Doctor Who (the 2nd conference, to be posted later  [ Read More ]

Comic Con France

It’s been a bit delayed but it’s finally on! Here is our exclusive interview with Bradley James and Colin Morgan from Merlin. There is some slight spoilers about season 4, but nothing really important. Comic Con 2011 – Bradley James and Colin Morgan… par 3xcusemyfrench Emeline also posted her picture from the interview. You can  [ Read More ]

Comic Con France

Finally! The first video is on! Discover below Katie McGrath and Julian Jones interview. We were’nt alone during the interview so we couldn’t ask all the questions we wanted but we think the interview is pretty interesting There are some slight spoilers about season 4 but nothing important. Let us know what you think about  [ Read More ]

[Comic Con France] Schedule

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Comic Con France

Hi everyone! We got some exciting news about the French Comic Con. – First, Katie McGrath will join Colin Morgan and Bradley James, just as Julian Jones – one of Merlin’s creator. This will be exciting! If you have any questions for one of them, or for all of them, fell free to put them  [ Read More ]

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