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Like every year, in July takes place the french Comic Con.   This year, a special event is organized during the Comic Con: Buffy Reunion. Ten years after the last episode of Buffy the Vampire Slayer was on TV, the event Buffy Reunion by Comic Con’ Paris brings together its fans around three actors from  [ Read More ]

[Article] New shows of 2012/2013: Our picks

Posted by Benelie On September 11, 2012 ADD COMMENTS

The holidays are now over and everyone had to go back to work! The only good thing that happen in september is that all our favorite TV shows are back! Well, most of them. Where some of the shows died, some new projects arrived! It’s hard to make a choice with all of them so  [ Read More ]

[Article] Doctor Who updated content!

Posted by Emeline On September 2, 2012 1 COMMENT
Doctor Who Logo

To celebrate the season 7 premiere of Doctor Who on BBC and BBC America yesterday, we have a surprise for you! How would you like to own a picture signed by the 11th Doctor himself, Matt Smith?


Excited about the Teen Wolf season 2 finale airing tonight on MTV? You can kill time by reading all about Tyler Hoechlin‘s appearance at Comic Con France last month. In this article you will find video from the conference, a link to our photo gallery with 50+ pictures, and a full report about everything that  [ Read More ]

Welcome to Mystic Falls 2 - Meet Paul Wesley and Ian Somerhalder

This weekend, Paul Wesley, Ian Somerhalder and Torrey DeVitto were in Paris for “Welcome to Mystic Falls 2”, a Vampire Diaries convention. Paul and Ian took the time to tell us what made The Vampire Diaries such a success. But before starting, Paul told us that Ian had an announcement to make: “Paul and I  [ Read More ]

Sherlock S2 French Premiere

Last night was the official French premiere of the season 2 of Sherlock, to be aired on France 4 in March. A screening of A Scandal in Belgravia took place in presence of Steven Moffat and Sue Vertue and the show’s co-creator gave a 30-minute Q&A after the projection. was graciously invited by France  [ Read More ]

[Itw] An Interview with Oliver & Sebastian Pigott

Posted by Emeline On February 13, 2012 2 COMMENTS

The Pigott Brothers (Oliver & Sebastian) are a Canadian band that makes ‘harmony-rich acoustic pop music with a blues, country and folk rock influence’. On tour in Europe last month, they agreed to meet with us for an interview about music, touring, songwriting, and Sebastian’s acting career. The Pigott Brothers’ music can be sampled and bought  [ Read More ]


Last July, Steven Moffat was a guest of honor at Comic Con’ France, giving two conferences. Today we’re sharing with you footage from the first conference, a “masterclass” dedicated to his whole career, from Press Gang to The Adventures of Tintin and of course Sherlock and Doctor Who (the 2nd conference, to be posted later  [ Read More ]

[Set] Merlin’s set from Pierrefonds

Posted by Benelie On November 22, 2011 1 COMMENT

If you are eager to see this week episode of Merlin, just read this post! Emeline and I were at Pierrefonds last june. Pierrefonds is the place where Camelot’s castle is filmed. And we have a lot of picture to show you from that day! But, I’m warning you, there are some spoilers! First, a  [ Read More ]

Comic Con France

It’s been a bit delayed but it’s finally on! Here is our exclusive interview with Bradley James and Colin Morgan from Merlin. There is some slight spoilers about season 4, but nothing really important. Comic Con 2011 – Bradley James and Colin Morgan… par 3xcusemyfrench Emeline also posted her picture from the interview. You can  [ Read More ]

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