As we posted a month ago, the pre-production is now underway for the fifth (and possibly final!) series of Merlin. Today the Official Merlin Twitter account (@MerlinOfficial) tweeted:

“The first “Series 5” readthrough took place yesterday in London… GET EXCITED!” with the following image

Arthur and Percival

2011 saw the return of Merlin in Series 4, which promised to be bigger, better, and darker than ever before. It featured Nathaniel Parker as the dastardly, traitorous uncle Agravaine, and saw King Uther Pendragon bite the dust. Here we have a summary of the whole series, and a look to the future to see what will come next for the Once and Future King and his faithful Sorcerer.

[Set] Merlin’s set from Pierrefonds

Posted by Benelie On November 22, 2011 1 COMMENT

If you are eager to see this week episode of Merlin, just read this post! Emeline and I were at Pierrefonds last june. Pierrefonds is the place where Camelot’s castle is filmed. And we have a lot of picture to show you from that day! But, I’m warning you, there are some spoilers! First, a  [ Read More ]

Comic Con France

It’s been a bit delayed but it’s finally on! Here is our exclusive interview with Bradley James and Colin Morgan from Merlin. There is some slight spoilers about season 4, but nothing really important. Comic Con 2011 – Bradley James and Colin Morgan… par 3xcusemyfrench Emeline also posted her picture from the interview. You can  [ Read More ]

[Comic Con France] Schedule

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Comic Con France

Hi everyone! We got some exciting news about the French Comic Con. – First, Katie McGrath will join Colin Morgan and Bradley James, just as Julian Jones – one of Merlin’s creator. This will be exciting! If you have any questions for one of them, or for all of them, fell free to put them  [ Read More ]

[Comic Con France] Guest Announcement

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Comic Con France

Hi there! We got some fine news for you! If you are a Merlin,  a Doctor Who/Sherlock fan or a Walking Dead fan, you’ll be pleased with the French Comic Con. Indeed, they announced: – Bradley James (Merlin) – Colin Morgan (Merlin) – Steven Moffat (Doctor Who and Sherlock’s showrunner) – Gale Anne Hurd (The  [ Read More ]

[Itw] BBC’s Merlin: Colin Morgan

Posted by Emeline On October 2, 2010 4 COMMENTS

On September 24th, Bénélie and I interviewed cast members of BBC’s Merlin on the phone. Over the next month, we’re going to post one interview per week (on Saturday, Merlin Day in the UK!). Our first interview was with the star of the show himself, Colin Morgan. He talked to us about Merlin’s relationship with  [ Read More ]

[Set] Merlin in Pierrefonds – 09 sept 2010

Posted by Benelie On September 12, 2010 2 COMMENTS

Last thursday and friday, I was in Pierrefonds, France, to visit again Merlin set.

I brought you pictures and videos from the set!
BUT! They were filming Episode 9 to 12 of season 3, so if you don’t want to be spoiled… Don’t click!

[Archive] Merlin

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Merlin articles on our former blog – Angel Coulby and Katie McGrath @ the French Comic Con (July 2010) – On the set in Pierrefonds (June 2010): day 1 and day 2

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