Visitors and fans present at the San Diego Comic-Con were in for a treat this Thursday at the Dexter panel! Showtime patched together the first two minutes of the Season 7 premiere and presented the footage in front of the audience. Want to see it?

[News] Dexter: update on season 7!

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Production on the new episodes of Dexter began a few weeks ago, and the seventh season is slowly beginning to take shape. Casting news, first picture and a teaser: discover what to expect for your favorite serial killer next season!

[News] Dexter : are you ready for season 7?

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What are you doing on September 30th? Save the date: you have a date with Dexter, 9pm sharp, on Showtime! But if our favorite serial killer is only coming back on our screens in 5 months, we already have some news about the 7th season…

[Awards] Funniest moment

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While watching a show, you smile, you cry, you scream and you laugh! That’s why it’s time for you to vote for the funniest moment on a tv show in 2011! This poll is closed. Results will be announced on March 4. If you need a reminder, here are the videos Glee Homage – Community  [ Read More ]


Tonight, it’s Dexter’s season premiere. To celebrate this, we are sharing the conference Clyde Phillips done this year in Paris. Clyde Phillips was the showrunner for Dexter seasons 1 to 4. He talked about the show, the cast, the characters… Beware, it might contain spoilers for seasons 1 to 4… Here is the first part  [ Read More ]

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