[News] Doctor Who season 7 drawing closer

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Doctor Who season 7 Asylum of the Daleks

Doctor Who fans can finally breathe more easily, or start hyperventilating, depending on the individual. While this post is free of any possible unofficial details coming from the early screening, if you don’t want to know anything, beware of the spoilers!


The press conference is now over, we can reveal to you the guests who will honor Comic Con Paris with their presence this year! Comic Con Paris is the French event you don’t want to miss if you’e a fan of TV shows, sci-fi, or comics. It’ll take place near Paris in Villepinte from July  [ Read More ]


Following our first post of news about series 7 of Doctor Who, we have an update with more information about casting, filming locations, and even the setting of episode three! And read below to find out which famous TV astronaut will be visiting the Doctor Who set!

[Awards] Best Kiss

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Love is a many splendored thing, Love lifts us up where we belong, All you need is love! Time to share the love and to pick the best kiss of the year! This poll is closed. Results will be announced on March 11. Some categories are now closed but it’s your last chance to vote for Best  [ Read More ]


Ready for the 7th season of Doctor Who? Well, a lot of waiting is still ahead of you as filming has just started this Monday in Cardiff! And it’s said to go on until December… This new series is reported to start airing in September with the second half in 2013 which will mark the 50th  [ Read More ]


After the masterclass last week, it’s time to post about the second conference given by Steven Moffat at Comic Con’ France last July. This time it was all about Doctor Who! As per Comic Con’ rules we can only share 10 minutes of each conference on video but again, we also have a full transcript  [ Read More ]

[Awards] Best Sci-Fi or Fantasy Show

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Those shows are amazing, they created a whole new world and they made it credible. They transport their viewers into a new place, universe or time line. They are full of surprises and wonderfull stories! Today, you’ll have to vote for your favorite Sci-Fi or Fantasy show. Which one will you pick? Doctor Who, Fringe,  [ Read More ]


Last July, Steven Moffat was a guest of honor at Comic Con’ France, giving two conferences. Today we’re sharing with you footage from the first conference, a “masterclass” dedicated to his whole career, from Press Gang to The Adventures of Tintin and of course Sherlock and Doctor Who (the 2nd conference, to be posted later  [ Read More ]


The winners for the SFX Awards 2012 have been released, and there have been some brilliant results!


It’s a very busy week for the Doctor Who fandom. We’re a little more than one week before the traditional Christmas special episode, “The Doctor, The Widow And The Wardrobe”, and 3 new clips have been unveiled by the BBC! First we have a scene that shows the Doctor welcoming the family in the house,  [ Read More ]

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