[Awards] Best Sci-Fi or Fantasy Show

Posted by Benelie On February 14, 2012 2 COMMENTS

Those shows are amazing, they created a whole new world and they made it credible. They transport their viewers into a new place, universe or time line. They are full of surprises and wonderfull stories! Today, you’ll have to vote for your favorite Sci-Fi or Fantasy show. Which one will you pick? Doctor Who, Fringe,  [ Read More ]

[Awards] Best Actor in a Drama

Posted by Emeline On February 12, 2012 ADD COMMENTS

Today’s category is also all about drama… You need to pick the actor you liked best in 2011! How impossible is it to pick just one? This poll is now closed.  All the results will be posted on March 4. Still on: Best Comedy | Best actor in a Comedy | Best actress in a Comedy | Best  [ Read More ]


The winners for the SFX Awards 2012 have been released, and there have been some brilliant results!


Series 3 of Misfits has reached its end this Sunday with an eighth episode that raised a lot of reactions among viewers. We already know that the show is renewed for a fourth series that will probably air on E4 next fall. But what do the events of this season finale mean for the next  [ Read More ]

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