The press conference is now over, we can reveal to you the guests who will honor Comic Con Paris with their presence this year! Comic Con Paris is the French event you don’t want to miss if you’e a fan of TV shows, sci-fi, or comics. It’ll take place near Paris in Villepinte from July  [ Read More ]

[News] “Elementary”, my dear Watson!

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2012 is a big year for Sherlock Holmes! After the second season of BBC’s Sherlock and Guy Ritchie’s Sherlock Holmes : A Game of Shadows, expect to see another Sherlock on your screens! Where? When? The answers to this mystery are right here…

Sherlock S2 French Premiere

Last night was the official French premiere of the season 2 of Sherlock, to be aired on France 4 in March. A screening of A Scandal in Belgravia took place in presence of Steven Moffat and Sue Vertue and the show’s co-creator gave a 30-minute Q&A after the projection. was graciously invited by France  [ Read More ]


Last July, Steven Moffat was a guest of honor at Comic Con’ France, giving two conferences. Today we’re sharing with you footage from the first conference, a “masterclass” dedicated to his whole career, from Press Gang to The Adventures of Tintin and of course Sherlock and Doctor Who (the 2nd conference, to be posted later  [ Read More ]

[News] Sherlock: series 3 in on the way!

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Sherlock left our screens with a brilliant finale, leaving fans heartbroken, flabbergasted or both. Let’s go back on the end of that intense episode, and see what showrunners Steven Moffat and Mark Gatiss have to say about it and about the third season! Be careful, spoilers inside…


We welcomed Sherlock‘s second series on January 1st, but sadly, we already have to say goodbye, with The Reichenbach Fall, the third and last episode, broadcast tomorrow night on BBC1. Enjoyed Sherlock’s return? Let’s go back on this season and on the things that could await our high-functionning sociopath…

[News] Sherlock is back !

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Sherlock fans, we can already wish you a happy new year ! 2012 will have a great start with the return of Mark Gatiss and Steven Moffat’s high-functioning sociopath on January 1st. Want to know more about it ? Follow the guide !

[Comic Con France] Schedule

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Comic Con France

Hi everyone! We got some exciting news about the French Comic Con. – First, Katie McGrath will join Colin Morgan and Bradley James, just as Julian Jones – one of Merlin’s creator. This will be exciting! If you have any questions for one of them, or for all of them, fell free to put them  [ Read More ]

[Comic Con France] Guest Announcement

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Comic Con France

Hi there! We got some fine news for you! If you are a Merlin,  a Doctor Who/Sherlock fan or a Walking Dead fan, you’ll be pleased with the French Comic Con. Indeed, they announced: – Bradley James (Merlin) – Colin Morgan (Merlin) – Steven Moffat (Doctor Who and Sherlock’s showrunner) – Gale Anne Hurd (The  [ Read More ]

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