Welcome to Mystic Falls 2 - Meet Paul Wesley and Ian Somerhalder

This weekend, Paul Wesley, Ian Somerhalder and Torrey DeVitto were in Paris for “Welcome to Mystic Falls 2”, a Vampire Diaries convention. Paul and Ian took the time to tell us what made The Vampire Diaries such a success. But before starting, Paul told us that Ian had an announcement to make: “Paul and I  [ Read More ]


If you are a fan of Vampire Diaries, I’m sure you are aware of all the conventions running all over the globe. But did you know there is a convention at the end of the month in Paris? This is the second convention in France for the show. It’s organized by WeVent Production and it  [ Read More ]

[Awards] The results!

Posted by Benelie On March 11, 2012 1 COMMENT

The 3xcusemyfrench TV Awards 2012 are now over. We want to thank you all for your votes, RT, Facebook sharing, … I hope you enjoyed those awards as much as we did!


Last week episode of The Vampire Diaries dishes a lot of stuff in Mystic Falls. If you want information to wait until next episode (and you’ll have to wait! No airing til March 15th!), we have all you need!

[Awards] Best Teen Show

Posted by Benelie On February 15, 2012 2 COMMENTS

Flashback: You’re in highschool. Who are your team mate? In which school do you go? What happen on your town? What are the main dramas? It’s time to choose your favorite Teen Show! Is it gonna be Gossip Girl and the spoiled kids, Pretty Little Liars and all the lies, The Secret Circle full of  [ Read More ]


Are you dying to know more about Klaus and his family? We already met Klaus, his sister Rebecca, his brother Elijah and his father Michael. Are you ready for more family drama?

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